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My Name is Jan Piccart, I’m a freelance VFX Compositor based in Berlin, Germany.

Since my childhood I have a strong fascination for images and sound, which dominated my studies since the age of 16. I learned Photography from the very basics on, shooting, developing and printing images in black and white. The short films I made during my film studies were inspired by my love for apocalyptic movies, electronic music and architecture. During film school, I  taught myself some visual effects skills, since no such classes were given at the time. I graduated in 2008 with a  Masters degree in Audiovisual Arts and moved to Berlin pursuing a  career in Visual Effects.

Born and raised in Belgium, my native language is Dutch. I’m fluent in German, English and have basic knowledge of French.




*8+ years of experience in compositing with Nuke, mainly for Feature Film

*A strong sense for the effects of photography and light

*The ability to develop workflows and find creative solutions on the fly

*The ability to assess a workload and break it down for optimal efficiency

*Natural curiosity and the desire to share information

*Experience with complex matte extractions, tracking, mattepainting and CG integration

*Experience working as a Lead Compositor, able to mentor coworkers

*Proven ability to work in a team maintaining tight schedules



I updated my website, as well as my compositing showreel. Please visit my Linkedin Profile to see what I’ve been working on!

I’m available for new projects from Mai 2018 on!