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My Name is Jan Piccart, I’m a Senior Compositor and VFX Supervisor based in Berlin, Germany.

Since my childhood I have a strong fascination for images and sound, which dominated my studies since the age of 16. I learned Photography from the very basics on, shooting, developing and printing images in black and white. The short films I made during my film studies were inspired by my love for apocalyptic movies, electronic music and architecture. During film school, I  taught myself some visual effects skills, since no such classes were given at the time. I graduated in 2008 with a  Masters degree in Audiovisual Arts and moved to Berlin pursuing a  career in Visual Effects.

Born and raised in Belgium, my native language is Dutch. I’m fluent in German, English and have basic knowledge of French.


  • +10 years of experience in compositing with Nuke for Feature Film
  • A strong sense for the effects of photography and light
  • The skill to develop workflows and find creative solutions on the fly
  • The ability to assess a workload and break it down for optimal efficiency, gaining valuable time for your production
  • Natural curiosity and the desire to share information with peers
  • Experienced working as a Lead Compositor (30+ Shots Feature Film), including look development, problem solving, mentoring coworkers
  • Experienced working as a Comp Supervisor (80+ Shots Feature Film)
  • Experienced working as a VFX Supervisor (100+ Shots Feature Film)
  • Confident offering planning, bidding and advise for VFX shoots
  • Proven ability to work in a team maintaining tight schedules


I’m an active member of the Visual Effects Society as of Mai 2018.

Please visit my Linkedin Profile in case you’d like to know more about my work history, or my IMDB page to have a look at my filmography.